• A brief history
    A brief history
    For someone who doesn't know what a chillum is, a chillam, or chillum, is a straight conical smoking pipe traditionally made of clay or a soft stone (Steatite or Catlinite). Origins of chillum were found in Pre-Columbian American
  • Learn more about how chillums have been used
    Learn more about how chillums have been used
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  • Tribal Art
    Tribal Art
    As the name suggests Tribal Art refers to the Indigenous art form of the First Men known for their craftsmanship related to the tribal ceremonies and artifacts. They can also be described as the visual arts and material culture of indigenous people. These art forms are also known as Primitive Arts or Ethnographic Arts.
  • The Renaissance
    The Renaissance
    Renaissance is described as a profound period during which cultural, political, and artistic comprehension took a substantial change. The Renaissance period emerged during the 14th century and continued to inspire artists till the late 17th century.
  • Rolling Paper
    Rolling Paper
    Mankind started getting stoned in ancient times. But, smoking in rolling papers began only around 500 years ago. It was in 15th century Spain that the very first rolling paper mills cropped up. Since then, rolling papers have evolved a lot. Today’s stoners have a wide variety of rolling papers choices, each with distinct size, material, flavor, and so on. Let’s take a red-eyed look at the most commonly used rolling paper
  • Egyptian Art
    Egyptian Art
    Egyptian art is a form of art that was used by the ancient civilizations to communicate and propagate amongst them. It is proudly claimed to be the "Language of the Gods" among the Egyptian civilizations. Egyptian scripts have been discovered which resemble Hieroglyphs, dating back to the second half of the 4th millennium BC.
  • The Nagaraj
    The Nagaraj
    Nagaraj is believed to be the King of all snakes. He was a mystical Character who was popular in ancient Hindu mythology for his faithfulness towards his beloved Nagini and the bravery he exhibited to rescue Nagini from the hunters.
  • Psychedelic Art
    Psychedelic Art
    Psychedelic art also referred to as Psychedelia, is made up of paintings and visual arts that are inspired by experiences that get triggered by the intake of mind-manifesting potions such as L.S.D's. Psychedelic art is also considered a counter-part of Psych Rock music.
  • Pop-Art
    Pop art is a famous form of art that started revolutionizing the art industry in the 1950s. These included paintings, illustrations, and music in an attempt to popularize characters and products during the 20th century and continue to mesmerize and inspire artists of the 21st century.